Monday, October 20, 2008

Headlines online: Oct 21, 2008

Malaysiakini compares the key news and views in major newspapers. What is today's agenda for the English, Bahasa, Tamil and Chinese papers?
MCPXFront PageEnglish newspapersNew Straits Times led with deputy premier Najib Abdul Razak’s office denying the contents of Malaysiakini report on manifesto initially attributed to him in his capacity as deputy Umno president. Star headlined Najib’s announcement that an additional RM5 billion will be pumped into the market to support undervalued stocks, and the government will continue spending on public projects to boost the economy. The economic growth forecast will also be revised.Malay newspapersUtusan Malaysia also led with measures to curb economic problems. Berita Harian headlined the dismissal of the report on Najib’s purported manifesto.Tamil newspapersMalaysia Nanban focused on the sedition trial of Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar.Tamil Nesan looked at the continuing conflict in Sri Lanka.Makkal Osai reported on the commotion by Hindraf supporters before the start of Uthayakumar's trial.EditorialNew Straits Times urged health authorities to protect the people and penalise companies that import food products that contain melanine.Utusan Malaysia stated that the government's crisis-aversion measures was timely preparation in view of the volatility of the global market.Berita Harian commented on the government’s decision to revise the economic growth rate.Malaysia Nanban hopes that the new MCA leadership will succeed in reforming the party.Tamil Nesan called for prudence in expenditure in view of the potential for economic problems.Makkal Osai commented on the revival of the government's intention to set up a media council.

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